About Guru Tai

▲ This picture was taken in May, 2020, right after Guru Tai finished balancing his 7 Chakras. It may be difficult to believe that Guru Tai is almost 50 years old.

In his life, Guru Tai has had a very spiritual journey. He is full of gratitude for this amazing arrangement.

Guru Tai was born with a very sick body and curious mind. Since childhood, In order to make his body healthy, he had to take medicine every day and wondered why his life was full of sufferings. Besides taking medical treatment, he also had to read many books to search for various answers to those questions bothering his mind. Like everyone else, he couldn’t figure out how to get rid of his pains.

Starting his spiritual journey in 2002, he first learned Qi Kong (energy practice) to make his body become healthy. Then he somehow was able to feel Qi flow and expel negative energy out of his body. Meanwhile, he developed a special skill to read energy and could remotely turn a negative energy field into a positive one. If a person feels ill, he can just change that person’s energy distribution and then the sick feeling will be disappeared within a very short time.

In 2010, while meditating, he suddenly experienced something unusual. Later on, he found out that he had been in Samadhi.

▲ Guru Tai was meditating in Sri Lanka in Feb, 2018.

Spiritual Journeys

After Guru Tai had found out answers to all his life puzzles, he started visiting many spiritual places in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Meditating in places with huge energy helped Guru Tai further enhance his energy healing capability.  

▲ Guru Tai meditated in a monastery in Sri Lanka.
▲ Guru Tai meditated in a buddhist cave in east India.
▲ Guru Tai meditated in Lumbini, Buddha’s Birthday place, Nepal.

Charity: Spiritual Teaching

Not only did Guru Tai meditate in those holy places, but he also offered free teachings to those who want to increase their spiritual levels. Regular Breathing Meditation is a very powerful skill for school students to learn so as to increase their concentration ability and reduce study pressure. 7 Chakra mantras are also very beneficial to keep body/mind balancing. 

▲ Guru Tai taught meditation and energy healing in Lumbini, Nepal.
▲ Guru Tai taught breathing and chakra mantra in Bodhigaya, India.
▲ Guru Tai taught yoga and meditation in Rishikesh, Inida

Charity: Energy Healing

When Guru Tai met disadvantaged people who suffered from physical or mental illness, he provided free energy healing to help them remove energy blockage inside their bodies. After their bodies are fully recharged with positive energy, self immune systems will work again and rapidly improve their body/mind health conditions.

▲ Guru Tai offered energy healing in Kathmandu, Nepal.
▲ Guru Tai gave energy healing in Bodhigaya, India.
▲ Guru Tai provided energy healing in Agra, India.

Charity: Donation

Guru Tai does his best to help children and create happy memories for them to remember. When he spent time with children, he encouraged them to study hard and never give up. He shared his story that he also grew up in a poor family and had to struggle for his future. Guru Tai points out that life grows through all kinds of difficulties and thereafter wisdom comes help one become more mature and spiritual.

▲ Guru Tai donated steel lunch boxes to 70 disadvantaged girls in India.
▲ Guru Tai donated shoes to 99 disadvantaged boys in India.
▲ Guru Tai donated money to help buying more teaching aids in Nepal.

More About Guru Tai

He certainly enjoys his life and loves every role he plays. 

Guru Tai has a very diverse background because he owns such a great passion for knowledge.

Academically, he got a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and an MBA degree. He also earned an MS degree in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. Besides, he spent one year doing research about Legal Issues of the Internet at Berkeley, University of California. Guru Tai has been teaching various courses in university for 20 years.

Personally, he has many interesting hobbies, such as playing the violin, composing poems, watching movies, reading books in different fields, studying ancient healing methods, and travelling to many countries. He once published a book about his travel experiences, which was the best seller of the year in travel category.

Spiritually, Guru Tai enjoys meditating every day, playing singing bowls, and practicing energy healing. Nowadays, he devotes lots of his time to spiritual teaching and energy healing, while helping the poor and the sick also plays an important role in Guru Tai’s life.

Guru Tai’s Courses

▲ Guru Tai teaches more than 50 meditation skills. A lot of them are very easy to learn. Long-time sitting on a lotus pose is not necessary. Fast benefiting from meditation is guaranteed.

Diverse Meditation Skills

Guru Tai creates and customizes many amazing meditation skills for modern human beings who want to fast gain the benefits of meditating without constraints on sitting postures, practicing time, boring routines, etc.

People may think that meditation means long-time sitting, stiff body posture, religion-related practices. However, Guru Tai says that meditation can be easy, fun, and relaxing. To date, he teaches more than 50 meditation skills, many of which are very innovative and different from traditional, religious ones.

Guru Tai points out that each person is unique in body/mind and therefore needs a unique meditation skill that suit his/her need most. Practicing the most suitable meditation skill is an important key to fast benefiting from meditation . 

Guru Tai’s Energy Healing

▲ Guru Tai is very familiar with Chinese healing system; he also knows how to activate and balance 7 Chakras to help improve body/mind health. By using Nepal singing bowls, Guru Tai can apply sound healing techniques to fast remove energy blockage.

Fast Way to Health

Guru Tai has studied and used energy for almost 20 years. He can easily read energy of anything and remove energy blockage from distance. 

Everything is energy. 

It is very easy to feel how energy affects our life. When we are healthy, we feel energetic; however, we sense our energy is low when our body/mind is sick.

Ancient Chinese described energy as Chi/Qi and developed Acupuncture healing system, while ancient Indians found Chakras, which have important roles to maintain the balance of body/mind.

Guru Tai has meditated for many years and, through meditation, naturally learned how to expel negative energy from our body so as to improve our body’s self-healing ability.  Guru Tai has many techniques to remove energy blockage and thus has helped many people to recover from illness.

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